Our park is a joint venture between nature, culture and imagination

Vartorps Gård has an impressive park, built in the 17th century by major Eketrä. He realized his dream of gathering all deciduous trees, native to Sweden, in his park. The park is right on the lake and has its long side along the beach.


The giant trees that were planted at the time of the major are still standing, majestic in age and size, while other parts of the park are self-sown and have been allowed to grow so. Some of the trees have fallen for storms and the tide of time and lie on the ground. They are once again alive when they attract children and adults with their childhood mind to go balancing and play old-fashioned “hiding games”.


The park naturally invites you to play and here the imagination can flow freely. It is alleged that one and the same forest elf is also seen .

The park has its own soul that invites you to sit in your own thoughts and just be, look out over the lake and ponder.


Maybe you just want to sit quietly and see and hear the water?

Walk down to the beach – there are tables and benches in several places. You will find bonfires where you can light a fire, sit and look into the flames and follow the crackling sparks that fill the sky with small stars.